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Happy New Year to all our singing friends!

We're back from Friday 13th Jan at the Vine Baptist Church: 12.00 - 1.30 pm

We'd love to see you there!  Everyone is welcome to join our merry band of singers, so if you're feeling a bit dark and dismal like the weather, just come along for some uplifting songs and warm companionship to dispel that winter gloom. 
We learn a wide range of songs by ear - and you don't need any musical knowledge or experience of singing in choir.  
Please make your way to the little blue door round the side.  There's no fee as our little Wellbeing Choir is grant-funded. 
If health or mobility is a problem, please let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.  For more information, please contact or give Jacky a call on 07708 237415. 


The D'Vine Singers are a friendly, informal group who meet to sing for fun, with a strong focus on mental wellbeing.  We take our name from the Vine Baptist Church in Sevenoaks, where we meet from 12.00-1.30 pm on Fridays.  The group began life as part of a funded research study into singing and mental health.  When the project came to an end, with the value of singing getting a definite ‘thumbs up’, we were keen to carry on as an independent group and here we are today, still going strong after 8 happy years of mutual support.

20211008_125813 (2).jpg

Sevenoaks Town Mayor, Rachel Parry, and consort, Richard, along with Louise from IMAGO, joined us to celebrate our 8th birthday in October.  Despite the cold weather, they were delighted that we were able to give a warm welcome!  



We said a sad fond farewell to Pauline, a dear friend and member of the D'Vine Singers for many years, seen here with some of her singing friends. Her funeral on 14th November finished with the Padstow Farewell - one of her favourite shanties. 

Pauline with her singing friends 2018.jpg


We sing rounds and simple part songs, learnt by ear, covering all kinds of music so there is something for everyone to enjoy.  You don’t have to read music and there is no audition.  We continue to have a strong focus on mental wellbeing, as we believe in the power of singing to lift the spirits and provide companionship.  We think this is especially important after the dark, dreary days of Covid and cost-of-living crisis.  If you’d like to get out and meet people while creating uplifting harmonies together, please get in touch with Jacky, on 07708 237415 or email*


Kitted out in his Royal Navy uniform to mark Remembrance Day 2022, Chairman Miller is pictured here with his backing singers:  Kay, Eleanor, Kathy ... and newcomers Linda and Margaret, who came aboard the merry crew this autumn.  


‘Singing for mental health and wellbeing’ Kent-wide research project 2014  

The D’Vine Singers began life in 2014 as part of a research study into ‘singing and mental wellbeing’ by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health at Canterbury Christ Church University.  The research was funded by the NHS in conjunction with Kent County Council’s Wellbeing campaign.  During the study, participants were asked to evaluate their mental wellbeing according to questions based on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale, a recognised questionnaire that is used as a measure of mental health in the UK. 

Once the research came to a close, with highly positive results, the singers were keen to continue with the weekly singing and a committee of volunteers was set up to run The D’Vine Singers as an independent community group.  Although the sessions are open to everyone, we feel it is important to maintain the focus on mental health, so occasionally we ask members to think about whether the group singing has made a difference to their lives.  To date the responses have all been positive, particularly in lifting mood and reducing social isolation.

D'Vine Singers... with a little help fro

Although we mainly sing for fun, we do get invited to sing out in the community from time to time and we hold an annual concert to raise funds.  There's no pressure to take part in these occasions but lots of people find they get a 'buzz' from them.  Sometimes we sing with other choirs, like Eden Songsters, seen here with us at our fund-raiser in 2018.



The D'Vine Singers are dedicated to welcoming anyone who might enjoy singing and is looking for a friendly group to join.  But we realise there may be those who feel anxious about starting a new activity, meeting people they don't know, or who need support to get to sessions or to make them more accessible.  For that reason we've set up a scheme called Singing Befrienders and are on the lookout for volunteers.  If you think you could help in any way, please contact Jacky on 07708 237415 or

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